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Scrumptious Antipasto Salad

Try out the freshness of scrumptious Antipasto Salad and relish the unique taste of Egyptian cuisine…!

You’ll Need…

  •  Smoked sausages (1 package or as per your desire)
  • Salad greens (about six cups, mixed)
  • Juicy grape tomatoes (yellow or red; about 2 cups)
  • Fresh cucumber (1; thinly sliced)
  • Some cauliflower florets (1 cup, fresh)
  • Black olives (about 3/4th cup, pitted)
  • Italian salad dressing
  • Feta Cheese (about 4 ounces of crumbled)
  • Fresh green onions (chopped)

Tips: you can’t go wrong with this recipe, most of the things are super simple and delicious. The great thing is that you can increase or decrease the quantities as per your taste.

Let’s Start Prepping!

  1. Slice the sausages to the thickness of your liking. Then cook them for about two minutes until they are light brown in color. Once done, place them on paper towels to absorb extra oil.
  2. This is the most fun step! All you have to do is toss the salad fresh greens on a platter or bowl. Then top them with the sausages you just cooked (you can arrange them as you want). Add grape tomatoes, cauliflower florets, cucumber and olives. 
  3. Pour some salad dressing (you can add as little or as much as you want!).
  4. Sprinkle some green onions and feta cheese.

All you have left to do is, to relish this fresh salad and let us know, in the comments, how much you loved it…!